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Practical Marketing Support Modules

Whether the chosen programme is light, standard, or premium, extra support provides business owners & entrepreneurs, with the deep dive needed to know exactly what they know, and be sure of what they don’t know. Deep dives are workshop sessions, designed with a mix of educational and consulting content, that provide attendees with greater insight in to their business purpose. These modules will enable attendees to review the business activities, ensuring that it remains relevant, up-to-date, and aligned to customers’ needs and wants. All of these sessions can be taken either supplementary to or outside of any of the programmes i.e. they can be bought in isolation to meet specific needs.

The “Deep Dive” Modules:

Sessions (each of 2hrs duration) Description For Book/s Section/s
The Marketing Environment Assess what factors could affect your business/sales performance now and in the future 10 Steps. How to sell to Retail All sections/All Sections (Competition & Customer)
Marketing Research Identify the key insight you need to ensure success, develop a research project to be undertaken by The Retail Champion 10 Steps. How sell to Retail All Sections/All Sections (Preparation)
Mission, Goals, & Objectives Know your purpose, get clarity on your business direction to enable team focus 10 Steps. How to sell to Retail Step 1/ Identity
Customer Identification Know who could buy from you and why, select your target customer market 10 Steps. Sell to Retail Step 3/Customer, Preparation
Product/Service Strategy Understand the impact of need on the products/services you could sell. 10 Steps. How to sell to Retail Steps 4,5,6/
Brand Identity & Positioning How to stand out from the crowd, review competitive advantage over the market, position to win 10 Steps. How to sell to Retail Step 2/Identity
Effective Personal Sales Learn simple techniques to make you sell more effectively in the shop, in the showroom, in meetings, or at key events. 10 Steps. How to sell to Retail Step 7/People, Selling, Negotiation
Digital Marketing Success Select and integrate Digital marketing methods to attract more sales 10 Steps. How to sell to Retail Step 7/Presence
Attracting Customers & Ensuring Customer Loyalty Identify the right mix of methods to attract your target customer. Foster customers from retention to advocacy. 10 Steps. How to sell to Retail Step 7/Presence, Preparation
The Business Plan and ‘Killer’ Pitch Learn the fundamental ingredients that make up the business plan, and appreciate the art of pitching the business to stakeholders. 10 Steps. How to sell to retail All sections

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