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As one of the UK's leading business speakers, Clare Bailey (formerly Rayner) has experience of a wide variety of public and professional speaking engagements. She is a knowledgeable and engaging media contributor and regularly features as a commentator on BBC and commercial TV and radio channels, providing insights and analysis for topical news and consumer shows, as you will see from her showreel below.

Clare educates and captivates audiences through her keynote presentations workshops and conference chairing and panel discussion facilitations at national and international retail events and exhibitions. A versatile presenter, Clare is also a competent after dinner speaker at retail awards and industry conferences. Clare is the perfect choice to provide comments and insights as an industry speaker.

Clare understands the value of tailoring her content to suit any audience and the style, aims and objectives of your event. She can also think on her feet, able to deal with questions on the fly whilst keeping a focus on what the audience will find interesting.

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Book Clare Bailey for your conference or event

What ever your requirement, be it an event, occasion or media day, you can rest assured that when you book Clare to provide professional speaking services you will be getting THE UK's leading retail and consumer specialist.

Keynote Speaker

Clare Bailey speaks at many conferences and events, delivering keynote presentations on a variety of topics including retail, high streets, supply chains, consumer engagement and customer services. Her expertise and ongoing experience working with High Street businesses allow her to speak in a thought-provoking, personable and professional manner. 

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Retail Training Workshops

Working hand in hand with Clare's best-selling books, 'The Retail Champion: 10 Steps to Retail Success' and 'How to Sell to Retail: The Secrets of Getting Your Product to Market', the retail training sessions can be undertaken either on-site or remotely, with tailored sessions delivered via webinar or via email support. The Retail Champion can deliver workshops, seminars, guest lectures and training sessions on a variety of topics, including retail, supply chain, consumer engagement and customer services.

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Media Commentator

Clare Bailey is a regular media commentator, covering topics such as the high street, the retail industry, and consumer topics, often featured on UK and international TV and radio channels, including BBC, Sky, Channel 5, Bloomberg, ITV and various other outlets. 

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Conference Chairing and Facilitation

Clare Bailey has been chairing conferences and facilitating roundtable discussions and panel debates for many years. Clare is a warm and welcoming chair maintaining the flow of the day and welcoming guest speakers. Clare's facilitation skills will ensure everyone gets the opportunity to participate, enabling an interactive and engaging event.

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After Dinner Speaker

Clare Bailey offers her light-hearted insights into her experiences of life growing up in a family of entrepreneurs, working for major corporate brands, creating and running a successful business, and juggling the responsibilities of being a busy, working mum and business owner. Audiences can relate her warm and personable stories told in an entertaining and professional way.

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