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Workplace Wellbeing

Workplace Mental Health and Wellbeing

Prioritising mental health in the workplace is now essential rather than optional. Work occupies a significant proportion of our daily lives. As an employer, it is your responsibility to create an environment that is supportive. That includes the mental health of employees and their families.

By taking action to improve the lives of your employees, you are on your way to creating a happier workforce. This, in turn, will increase productivity.

We can help you with workplace policies and practices that boost psychological well-being.

Wellbeing Strategy

Employees are more productive at work if there is a good culture. Well-being is a vital component of workplace culture. We help put customised mental health in place.

We have well-being Strategies tailored to your specific needs that are in alignment with your existing wellness programs.

Psychological Wellbeing Workshops

Our workshops aim to appeal to a wide range of individuals interested in:

  • Deepening their knowledge,

  • Gaining fresh perspectives, and

  • Cultivating a mentally healthy workplace.

Topics that we can include techniques for:

  • Managing Stress in the Workplace

  • Promoting psychological safety at work

  • Preventing burnout

  • Coping with Anxiety

  • Increasing motivation

  • Fostering positive relationships

  • Building emotional resilience

  • Exploring the relationship between nutrition, exercise, and mental health

  • Other relevant topics according to your organisational needs.

Dedicated 1-2-1 Coaching

Coaching contributes to heightened workplace satisfaction and improves collaborative work dynamics. We provide personalised coaching sessions that boost workplace satisfaction. This will elevate teamwork dynamics, and lead to key changes for personal and professional growth.

Our psychological coaching approach focuses on factors such as:

  • Deep listening

  • Thought-provoking questioning

  • Balanced support and challenge

These enable you to identify effective strategies for accomplishing your goals.

Employee Counselling

Treating mental well-being as a workplace component is not "nice-to-have" but a necessity.

We provide tailored and evidence-based sessions. Suitable for employees who have personal or work-related problems. These are likely to be problems that are hurting their job performance or well-being. We help and support everyone to combat:

  • Stress

  • Workplace depression

  • Anxiety

  • Relationships

  • Declining productivity

We offer solution-focused therapy, including CBT and Clinical Hypnotherapy. Our services are confidential and delivered in person or online.

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