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Strategic Retail Support

Experience our Strategic Retail Support programme, carefully crafted to evaluate and uncover both immediate wins and long-term growth opportunities for retail owners. We provide a well-defined action plan that safeguards and amplifies profitability.

Benefit from the expertise of a renowned and highly respected retail consultant, leveraging the time-tested and proven '10 Steps to Retail Success' methodology. Our Strategic Retail Support empowers business owners to gain a fresh perspective by stepping back from the daily challenges and adopting an outside-in approach. Our structured and proven six-stage process can be completed swiftly, delivering tangible results within a matter of days.

Strategic Retail Support Programme: Unveiling Success through a Six-Step Framework

The Strategic Retail Support programme follows a standardized 6-part process, guaranteeing a consistent and top-notch approach regardless of the team member assigned to work with you. This structured methodology ensures high quality throughout the programme, delivering exceptional results for your business.

Part 1: Delving into the Retail Support Questionnaire

Prepare for an in-depth exploration of your business by completing our comprehensive online questionnaire. This assessment will prompt you to provide an honest evaluation of every aspect of your operations. Drawing inspiration from Clare's book and the 10 Steps to Retail Success methodology, the questionnaire will cover essential areas vital to your retail journey. Be prepared to delve deep and gain valuable insights into your business's current state.

Part 2: Rapid Feedback & Action Plan

Your dedicated retail consultant will conduct a comprehensive review of your questionnaire responses in anticipation of your upcoming 121 visit. If you operate physical stores, the visit will take place at your store location(s). For online retailers, the meeting can be arranged at a location convenient for you. Rest assured that your consultant will carefully analyse your business to provide tailored guidance and support.

Part 3: On-Site Business Visit

During the scheduled 2-hour session, your retail consultant will engage in a personalized visit to address the specific concerns outlined in your questionnaire. This meeting offers you the opportunity to delve deeper into areas of significant interest alongside your consultant. Additionally, it allows for open dialogue on any matters that may not have been covered comprehensively in your questionnaire responses. Expect a focused and fruitful discussion tailored to your unique needs.

Part 4: The Actionable Recommendations Report

Within 2 working days of the visit, you will receive a detailed written report that encompasses the 'action plan' derived from the 10 steps to retail success. This comprehensive document will outline recommendations for immediate actions and quick wins to enhance business and financial performance. Moreover, it will present suggestions for long-term business improvement and growth opportunities. Rest assured that the report will be conveniently delivered to your email for easy access and reference.

Part 5: The Clarification Call

Your retail consultant will schedule a 1-hour consultation call to discuss their recommendations with you and address any questions you may have. This call is conducted over the phone or via Skype, allowing for a thorough review and clarification of the proposed actions.

Part 6: The Week 4 Active Support

After the initial 4-week period, you will have the chance to schedule a follow-up call with your retail consultant to review your progress and explore long-term strategies. This call will provide an opportunity to discuss any updates, address any concerns, and plan for future actions that will contribute to your business's continued success.

After experiencing the benefits of quick-wins, many clients choose to continue their journey towards long-term success by enrolling in a 6-month retail coaching and mentoring programme. This comprehensive programme allows you to work closely with our team to further advance your business and achieve your strategic goals. To learn more about this option and explore how our retail coaching and mentoring programmes can benefit you, please visit the Retail Coaching/Mentoring Programmes page.

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Success Stories

Modish Shoes, Sarah Decent, Independent Retailer

All hail the new Mary, Queen of Shops! I spent an hour with Clare 1-2-1 and it's by far the most useful 60 minutes I've spent since opening my shoe shop. Clare has a wealth of experience and expertise with many of the top retailers in the county, but what makes her unique is her ability to translate what they do into a plan that works for small- and medium-sized retailers. I've now signed up to work with Clare on a regular basis as I believe that, with her help, I'll be able to rapidly expand my business. Highly recommended!

Thresher Group, CEO

Clare and her team provided first class support and expertise as we worked through our plans to improve range and space optimisation together with enhanced promotional planning.

Garmentology, Susanne Newman

Clare is a driving force. I'm sure her motto is, 'Why put something off until tomorrow when it can be done right now?' Clare was able to provide invaluable insights to an industry that is complex and difficult to enter. We now see her as not only a valuable extension to our team, but also as a friend.

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