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52 FREE Weekly Retail Tips

52 Free Weekly Retail Tips

For anyone thinking of starting a retail business, or simply improving the one you've already got, we have created a programme of 52 FREE weekly retail tips that are delivered straight to your inbox.

The 52 retail tips share some of the advice you would find in Clare's book - 'The Retail Champion 10 Steps to Retail Success' - giving subscribers an insight into her retail success methodology, so that you too can be a retail champion by next year! 

The 10 Steps to Retail Success include:

  1. Defining your Goal and Mission
  2. Deciding your Positioning
  3. Identifying your Ideal Customer
  4. Creating your Range Plan
  5. Implementing your Pricing and promotional policy
  6. Developing your Channel and Location Strategy
  7. Designing your Customer Engagement processes
  8. Determining your Sourcing and Supply chain model
  9. Planning and Controlling your business
  10. Setting up an effective Back office

From the moment you sign up, you'll receive a retail tip every week for a whole year! Each week builds on the last, and gives you encouragement to try out the advice offered. Over the course of the year, you will complete all of the 10 steps to retail success and will have the opportunity to make practical improvements to your business to improve sales, margin, and profits.

To receive your weekly retail tips by email, please complete the enquiry form.

Of course, if you want faster action then take a look at our retail accelerator programme...

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