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Marketing and Comms Strategy

Understanding your core business objectives, your brand purpose, your story, and your customers form the foundations of our strategic marketing support, enabling your business to identify the ideal marketing messages and campaigns.

Using Clare’s 10 Steps to Retail Success as our backbone we will create a unique marketing strategy tailored to suit your business goals.

Marketing Strategy

Our marketing experts have decades of marketing experience between them. They can support in all aspects of marketing strategy including:

Brand Purpose

Before marketing plans and campaigns are developed, we can identify your brand purpose, your brand story, and your marketing objectives to help define your key messages and marketing campaigns.

Customer profile

The marketing team at The Retail Champion is experienced at generating customer profiles for your existing and target customers, enabling you to develop marketing messages that resonate with your audience and encourage them to respond to your calls to action.

Competitor Analysis

As experienced marketers from retail backgrounds, we understand how important it is to understand the competitive landscape. We can complete audits on your main competitors to help inform marketing strategies.

Marketing Audit

If you are an established business, the Retail Champion team can undertake a marketing audit of your business. This entails not just a digital audit analysing your social media, website, Google listing, and digital presence, but, if required, they can also analyse your physical marketing material including signage, shop fronts, point of sale, poster design, and adverts.

Brand Identity

Our team of experts can help you with brand development, positioning, and messaging to define or refine your brand identity. Our marketers can create taglines and key messages that effectively communicate the unique value of your product and/or service whilst our graphic designers can create or refresh your brand logo to help showcase your business.

Marketing Channels

With so many routes to market, it can be difficult to select which channels to focus on. The Retail Champion can advise on the best combination of channels for your business, whether that’s your own website, online selling platforms, online booking platforms, street markets, social media, or business-to-business. The marketing team can create marketing campaigns for each sales channel based on their expertise and experience.

Marketing Objectives

Clear, measurable and deliverable marketing objectives will help keep your marketing activities focused (whilst still allowing you to be nimble and responsive to opportunities).

Marketing Plans

Now the strategic thinking is complete, we can help you to develop informed and effective marketing plans focused on your key marketing messages for each sales channel.

Content Creation

We can support you in the development of engaging marketing materials including everything from physical marketing such as brochures to digital content for websites and/or social media.

Digital Marketing

The Retail Champion can develop strategies to generate visitors to your website from Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), keyword analysis, paid search campaigns, link building, social media management, email marketing and analytics to help your business to reach and engage with your target audience.

Training and Education

Our team can assist in training both you and your team, to build the skills and knowledge needed to enhance your marketing. Training could be broad or target areas including specific marketing tools, content creation, or marketing best practices.

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