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10 Steps to Retail Success

The Retail Champion: 10 Steps to Retail Success is a highly acclaimed book penned by Clare Bailey (formerly Clare Rayner). It equips retail business owners, regardless of their stage of operation or the nature of their business (online only or physical locations like stores, stalls, or pop-up shops), with the tools to establish resilient and replicable processes and systems. The ultimate goal is to foster the growth of scalable and marketable enterprises.

Clare’s 10 Steps to Retail Success are:

  1. Defining your Goal and Mission
  2. Deciding your Positioning
  3. Identifying your Ideal Customer
  4. Creating your Range Plan
  5. Implementing your Pricing and Promotional Policy
  6. Developing your Channel & Location Strategy
  7. Designing your Customer Engagement Processes
  8. Determining your Sourcing & Supply Chain Model
  9. Planning & Controlling your Business
  10. Setting up an Effective Back Office

Stop Playing Shops!

All the knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques you need to turn your small retail business into a scalable, saleable enterprise.

The Retail Champion: 10 Steps to Retail Success is aimed at every small retailer who is serious about growing their business. Using a practical ten-step process, Clare Bailey, one of the most well-known and respected retail consultants in the UK, will give you all the tools, techniques, and motivation you need to survive and thrive in a difficult market.

Whether your business is on the high street or online it will cover everything you need to create a framework for success for your business, no matter what you sell. There are case studies throughout from the leading lights in the retail sector such as Mike Clare, Jacqueline Gold, and Hussein Lalani, several of whom began their journey as founders of independents themselves.

The Retail Champion 10 Steps to Retail Success book is packed full of practical resources and templates so you can put learning into practice immediately.

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Success Stories

Masterclass attendee,

Clare's presentation, a 1/2 day master-class on her 10 Steps to Retail Success, was excellent and kept me engaged in what was an intensive three hours! It stimulated a lot of thinking on realistic and practical approaches to developing the business. She used good examples from a variety of retail sectors, which helped to transfer the theory into practical solutions and actions - many of which I hope to use in our business development

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