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Google Business Profile

Previously known as 'Google My Business' or ‘Google Maps Listing’ now called Google Business Profile (GBP). Our GBP optimisation is a service designed to help businesses get the most out of their business listing on the largest search engine: Google. GBP is the most important place to list your local business because it will drive traffic to:

  • Google Search
  • Google Maps
  • Google Assistant (voice search)

Many people use Google to find local services and then use Google Maps for directions.

If you are not in the right place with the correct information, this can undermine your business.

Claiming and optimising your Google Business Profile listing is critical for getting new customers, whilst encouraging repeat customers.

But, you need to have completed your Google Business Profile listing with ongoing management, for it to have the greatest impact.  

How we help optimise your Google Business Profile listing

The Retail Champion offers a Google Business Profile support service, that includes:

  • An initial review of the current listing if you have one
  • Advice,  guidance and support on how to best set one up if you don’t.

For businesses that do have a listing, we will check the quality of the current content and provide a report, with a follow-up call, offering specific advice to enhance and optimise your listing.

After the initial review, the support package includes regular, monthly emails to boost your use of your GBP page. These emails will:

  • Remind you about changes, updates, and when to optimise your page to maximise your presence.
  • Include suggestions about how to make the most of special events. These will also be relevant to your wider promotional and marketing activities across all channels.
  • Ensure you have consistent reminders helping you plan and take advantage of relevant, seasonal searches, increasing your visibility to potential customers.

Why should you optimise your Google Business Profile listing?

Google Business Profile is a great way to turn digital traffic into physical footfall for high street / premises-based businesses.  

When you optimise a GBP listing, you not only help your business rank better in search results but also help encourage people, to take the next step and contact or visit you.

How to get started…

To apply for your audit or set-up support today, please complete the form below to sign up and pay for this service.

You will receive a confirmation email confirming we have received your registration and payment.  

If you have a GBP page, the information you provide at sign-up enables us to carry out our initial review. We will contact you within two weeks to discuss our findings and provide a written report including suggestions to help optimise your page.

If you do not have a listing, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide explaining how to set one up. If you do need help with this, we are happy to arrange a Zoom or phone call to walk you through it as part of the service.

Once you have set up your new listing, we would give it the once over for you, along with feedback – to reassure you it is well-optimised.

Following the 1-2-1 support, you will receive a monthly email with guidance and suggestions, to ensure you continue to get the most out of your GBP listing.

Suggestions will include upcoming events and ‘special’ days (taking place in the month after you receive the email, to you to allow you to plan).

You can use this to create promotions and special events, in-store, online, and on your social channels, which of course when promoted on your GBP page will help to boost listing.

We look forward to working with you!


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