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Meet Our Team

Clare has curated a top-tier team of experts to work with her, providing a wealth of knowledge and expertise in various areas, including website creation, social media management, strategic planning, digital marketing, SEO and much more.

Clare Bailey

Founder, The Retail Champion

Kim Hulse

Marketing and e-Commerce Consultant

Steph Briggs

SEO Copywriter

Jay Pipavat

Lead Technical Developer

Rob Colbert

Finance and Business Improvement Consultant

Sophie Walton

Email Marketing Specialist

Frances Brown

Social Media Consultant

Oliver Rayner

Video Creator Consultant

Catherine Smith

Bookkeeping and accounts specialist

Zana Busby

Business and Consumer Psychologist

Zoƫ Munro Barber

Graphic Designer

Vibha Hardaker

Chief Marketing Officer | Global Marketing Director

Chanelle Hearn

Business Engagement Consultant

Leanne Merrill

Marketing, Community and Events Consultant

Jessica Chambers

Sales Consultant

Laura Foulds Moody

Creative Media, Photography and Videography expert

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