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Meet our Clients

The Retail Champion has a range of services to help various parties within the retail industry. Clients primarily fit within one of three categories:

Her clients typically fit within the following categories:


many independent retailers require a helping hand to achieve their business goals and our founder, Clare Bailey, has helped such business owners for years.

Retail Suppliers

Clare helps independent suppliers pitch and sell to their ideal customers. Whether you are just starting up or have an established product, Clare will guide you through the process, following her book (How to Sell to Retail) to ensure you're pitching (and selling!) to the right retailers.

Event Organisers

with decades of experience in public speaking, Clare Bailey can add the 'wow' factor to your event. Skilled at delivering to differing audiences in various settings, Clare can bring the skills, knowledge and professionalism you need to make your event one to remember. Below are a series of client testimonials, case studies and success stories. Click on the links to navigate to each success story.

The Retail Champion: Success Stories

The Retail Champion consultancy has helped hundreds of retailers, retail suppliers, and event organisers, achieve success. Click on the links or scroll down to see some of our client testimonials.

Event Host and Chairperson

Alistair Johnson - Organiser of Digital High Street 2013


"Clare was friendly and welcoming, putting the panellists at ease, calming nerves and helping them to open up. She was also fully involved in the planning stage and took the time to contact and research her panellists in advance. She did a great job from start to finish."

Retail strategy expert, delegate of the Retail Trust Rework programme


"Clare delivered an insightful workshop in partnership with Retail Trust. Clare demonstrated incredible organisation and communication skills, and a deep and professional knowledge. I would highly recommend her as a speaker."

Victoria Clapham - Marketing Manager of Ridings Shopping Centre and awards organiser


"It was great to have Clare hosting Wakefield's first ever Retail Awards for us. Clearly passionate about the high street, particularly the independent sector, her enthusiasm and professionalism fitted the night perfectly. A fabulous night, enjoyed by all."

Keynote Speaker

Liam Church - CEO, Escher Group


"I want to express my sincere thanks for Clare's lively and insightful contribution to the Escher customer forum in Dublin. Her presentation contributed greatly to the success of the event and was much appreciated by the delegates."

Ray Bates - Honorary President, European Lotteries


"I engaged Clare as a keynote speaker for a retailer seminar, sponsored by the European Association of State Lotteries in Paris. She had done a substantial amount of research on State Lotteries and skillfully integrated the results of this work into her presentation. She clearly has a substantial amount of practical experience in the retail sector."

Masterclass attendee


"Clare's presentation, a 1/2 day master-class on her 10 Steps to Retail Success, was excellent and kept me engaged in what was an intensive three hours! It stimulated a lot of thinking on realistic and practical approaches to developing the business. She used good examples from a variety of retail sectors, which helped to transfer the theory into practical solutions and actions - many of which I hope to use in our business development."

Chief Executive, HTA Garden Futures, regarding the Garden Futures Conference


"I was delighted that Clare was able to be with us, particularly at such short notice, and I know that her fascinating and entertaining presentation contributed hugely to the success of our day. The feedback from those who attended was fantastic."

Paul Surridge - Chief Executive, Sight Care Group


"Clare is a powerful communicator and her branding as The Retail Champion is fully justified. Our audience was captivated by her ideas and her common sense concepts and strategies. Clare also participated in a panel debate. It was very apparent from the outset that she had a real understanding and empathy for the subject. Well done - 10/10! Her energy and commitment to making things better is inspirational and people should listen, take note and act upon her advice."

Head of Content, Entrepreneur Country, regarding the company's forum event


"Not only was Clare's speech engaging and intelligent, her insights into the world of retail coupled with business know-how, fascinating statistics and relevant advice left delegates inspired and uplifted. I thoroughly recommend Clare - she knows the retail industry like no other and she'll help you to boost your business as well as get to grips with the inevitable."

Global Europe Director, Risk Solutions Europe, Royal & Sun Alliance


"Clare's speech was very thought-provoking and I particularly liked the way that she engaged with our customers throughout the event."

Future Factory, Nottingham Business School

"Clare was fantastic and we feel privileged to have had her speak for us. Her practical and stimulating presentation was a highlight of our event and inspired our audience, especially the local retailers."

Project Manager, Future Factory at Nottingham Trent University

"Clare is a pleasure to work with, professional and organised. We asked her to deliver workshops and lectures to our small retail contacts. All of them were highly impressed and pleased with what they took away from these events."

Independent Restaurateur and Future Factory attendee


"Having recently attended two workshops led by Clare for Nottingham Trent University's 'Future Factory', I would highly recommend her work. She clearly has a deep grasp of her field and presents with a real enthusiasm for her topics."

Intent Media, regarding PCR Retail Boot Camp


"Clare's session was one of the highlights of the conference, with dealers still discussing her presentation late into the evening. We'd wholeheartedly recommend The Retail Champion to present at any conference targeting high street dealers."

Media Contributor

Peter Simmonds - Editor/Journalist, BBC News


"I found Clare 'blind' as I was looking for an expert in her field, did some web research, and called her up. I didn't need to call anyone else - Clare impressed me straight away as someone who knew what she was talking about and had a gift of being able to put that forward in a very accessible way. Essentially, if I want to talk to someone who knows about how things are sold and why, Clare's the person I call."

Paul Surridge - Chief Executive, Sight Care Group


"Our national PR campaign involved a national radio campaign aimed at consumers to encourage them to shop locally. Clare was an obvious choice to dovetail with our chief executive to deliver some home truths about the state of UK retail and, importantly, community businesses in the round. Clare articulates her passions with gusto, armed with all the relevant facts and figures but in a way that demonstrates her total commitment as The Retail Champion. There is no doubt her contribution added value to our campaign activity."

Retail Consultant and Mentor

Anna Fairs - Founder, Tigershark Apparel


"If you are thinking of working with Clare, stop thinking and book that session! You won't regret it. Clare is one of the most honest, practical, logical, straight-talking people you can come across, and you need that when you are running a business. From the start, Clare took me and my ideas seriously. She identified my strengths and pointed out where my weaknesses lay and where I might need additional support. My business wouldn't be where it is today without the strong foundation I gave it by working with Clare."

Sarah Decent - Modish Shoes, Independent Retailer


"All hail the new Mary, Queen of Shops! I spent an hour with Clare 1-2-1 and it's by far the most useful 60 minutes I've spent since opening my shoe shop. Clare has a wealth of experience and expertise with many of the top retailers in the county, but what makes her unique is her ability to translate what they do into a plan that works for small- and medium-sized retailers. I've now signed up to work with Clare on a regular basis as I believe that, with her help, I'll be able to rapidly expand my business. Highly recommended!"

Fairytale Furniture Ltd.


"Working with Clare is a delight. She is so enthusiastic; she grasps the concept immediately and from the outset gives her time, knowledge and creative problem-solving abilities so that you feel she is an integral part of your business."

Patrick Ballin - Founder of Mile One Ltd, formerly Head of Global Supply Chain & Logistics Development at The Body Shop


"Clare is one of the best-connected people in UK retail and we have had the fortune to work together in a number of contexts. She is authoritative, engaging and energetic, and brings a huge amount of experience and enthusiasm to everything she does."

Fortnum & Mason


"Clare is a human dynamo - who also delivers on her commitments with professionalism and style."

Crabtree and Evelyn


"Clare is a remarkable lady who has a wealth of experience. She is honest, open and considerate to the needs of her clients. She has an engaging personality and a unique knack of making often complex detail issues easy to grasp and interesting to relate."

Head of Space Planning, Superdrug Stores plc


"Clare is a highly talented individual with wide experience within retail. She is results-focused and is always striving to deliver the best for her customers."

Independent Management Consultant, formerly Head of Space Planning at Woolworths plc


"To experience the radiant energy of Clare's enthusiasm is awesome! She has a committed immersion in every activity that she is engaged in, whether consulting, speaking or just a chat over coffee - her wide knowledge of retail engineering coupled with her sunny and effusive demeanour helps the task flow at a rate of knots!"

Editor/Journalist, BBC News


"Clare's knowledge of retail processes is truly staggering; her confidence comes from ability and knowledge. As a consultant on retail business strategy and process, she truly is an industry expert of the highest order. She's one of the few consultants I would say could add real value to a business."

CIO, Specsavers Optical Group Ltd.


"Clare has shown her commitment and belief in improvement services to retailers. She is very professional in her approach and enthusiastic in achieving objectives."

Multi-Channel Retail Specialist, Unipower Solutions


"One of the most energetic, enthusiastic, determined and focused people I have ever met. Clare, through her knowledge, experience and reputation, has become a leading authority in the industry."

SAP Solution Architect, SAP UKI


"Clare Bailey, The Retail Champion, is, in one word, brilliant. In two words, absolutely brilliant! She brings a wealth of retail business experience to the table and has helped me to distil exactly what it was that I needed to do. Clare is also the networking guru - her LinkedIn contact list is nothing short of amazing! Clare approaches everything with enthusiasm and passion, getting into the nitty-gritty of the issue, and filling me with complete confidence to take my next steps. Her support, advice and expertise have been invaluable."

Louise James - Founder, Little Lou


"Clare Bailey, The Retail Champion, is, in one word, brilliant. In two words, absolutely brilliant! She brings a wealth of retail business experience to the table and has helped me to distil exactly what it was that I needed to do. Clare is also the networking guru - her LinkedIn contact list is nothing short of amazing! Clare approaches everything with enthusiasm and passion, getting into the nitty-gritty of the issue, and filling me with complete confidence to take my next steps. Her support, advice and expertise have been invaluable."

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