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Jose Stewart - Business Development Expert

Introducing Jose, a Sales & Marketing Consultant and Trainer specialising in helping businesses achieve sustainable growth. 

With a wealth of experience spanning over 30 years in recruitment, retail, sales, hospitality and business development, Jose brings a proven track record of winning new business and surpassing sales revenue goals.

Jose is dedicated to assisting business owners and corporate sales and marketing leaders in crafting effective sales and marketing strategies that generate a consistent stream of outbound and inbound leads. 

By leveraging Jose's expertise, businesses have effectively filled their sales pipeline and driven conversions from sales to revenue.

Jose is passionate about getting more retail and hospitality businesses to use LinkedIn Jose will help you create or revamp your LinkedIn profile to attract ideal clients and provide guidance on crafting compelling LinkedIn posts and teach you the benefits of social selling. 

Working with Jose, you will gain focus, clarity, and vision for your business, with her guidance you will alleviate overwhelm and instil confidence in your sales and marketing endeavours, empowering you to drive business success.

Clients who have worked with Jose describe the experience using powerful keywords such as positive impact, gained focus, already seeing results, confidence, clarity and vision, new clients, increased revenue, more sales leads, inspired, and excited.

Jose Expertise:

  • LinkedIn 
  • Outbound Sales Reach
  • Lead Generation 
  • Sales Pipeline & Funnel Management 
  • Accountability Support
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