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How to Sell to Retail

Selling To Retailers

It is notoriously difficult for a small, unknown brand or start-up business to sell products or services to a retail chain. Feared for their ruthless buying habits, fierce negotiation skills, and their ability to swiftly reproduce YOUR ideas, pitching to a retailer can be a double-edged sword.

Using Clare's 'How to Sell to Retail' approach, based on four key areas divided into a 12-point plan, you will learn a unique and proven method of selling to retailers.

How to Sell to Retail includes the critical ingredients that will not only make retail buyers sit up and listen but will also help your business to establish a quality, long-term relationship with a major retail organisation.

If your ideal client is a major retail chain and you want to get your product to market, or to sell your services or solutions, then working through these four key areas and developing your own unique action plans based on the 12 points, will enable you to:

Look Big

Identity, Presence, People

Plan Big

Competition, Customer, Scalability

Pitch Big

Preparation, Selling, Negotiation

Get Big & Stay Big

Expansion, Replication, Paranoia!

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