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Business Engagement

A place is greater than the sum of its parts, and engaging with local businesses helps build trust, encourages engagement, and generates ideas around place-making initiatives. Involving local businesses in place audits, in understanding the challenges and opportunities for your place ensures place-making strategies are tailored to the needs of the local community.

The Retail Champion can support you by

Listening to local businesses

We can support local councils, Business Improvement Districts, and Enterprise partnerships to engage with local businesses to understand their priorities, their needs, and their views about their place. Our experts can design and undertake online and telephone surveys, and one-to-one in-person interviews based on your objectives. Upon survey completion, we will analyse and summarise the results in a business report alongside recommended next steps.

Increasing engagement with marketing campaigns

By sharing toolkits, marketing materials, and campaign strategies with local businesses and stakeholders, the marketing messages can be amplified, increasing your reach and engagement for your place-making campaigns

Stakeholder engagement can also amplify your own marketing campaigns. The Retail Champion has experience in creating toolkits for businesses that include signposting to resources and advice, to marketing toolkits to support marketing campaigns.

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