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Place Marketing

Our team of experienced marketing professionals have created marketing strategies and campaigns for a range of places including towns and shopping centres, growing the digital presence of a place, increasing engagement with local businesses, and generating footfall for specific campaigns.

Our marketing services include:

Brand positioning

We will audit the assets associated with your place, alongside key activities and events that happen throughout the year and identify your key messages to help your place tell its story.

Digital audit

Our marketing experts will compete a review of your digital brand presence and create a report outlining our findings and recommendations.

Audience Profiling 

The Retail Champion will create profiles of your current and target customers and catchment area to enable  effective marketing strategies.

Key messages 

Our team of marketing experts will help you identify the core marketing messages for your High Street.

Content Strategy

The Retail Champion's social media experts will create a content strategy for social media, websites, emails, newsletters and more based on your brand positioning and key messages.

Stakeholder Engagement

 To help amplify the marketing messages about a place, our marketing team will help build toolkits and press releases to share with stakeholders to increase engagement and reach of campaigns.

Our team can also develop and deliver marketing campaigns, whether that’s launching a brand identity, delivering a local campaign, or inviting visitors to attend an event.

The Retail Champion’s destination marketing campaigns can contribute to increasing digital and physical footfall to a place, attracting visitors to a place, and ultimately supporting the overall vitality of a location through strategic campaigns.

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