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Howard Robinson - Business Development Specialist

Howard has over 25 years of experience operating at the sharp end of a growth strategy including scaling and selling his own successful business. He is perfectly placed to understand small businesses before creating and executing growth plans that really work.

Who is your target market? What data do you need? How will you approach prospects? How will you present propositions that really satisfy your customer's needs? Howard will work all of this out for you to great effect using a combination of traditional and modern tactics tailored to your aspirations.

Howard is always on the lookout for opportunities to maximise growth using networks, key influencers and associations. One call to the right person could provide all the growth you ever need. Creating symbiotic relationships that allow you to grow with key partners can be very rewarding, saving time and money. Howard is adept at using Linkedin, leveraging existing relationships and picking up the phone in order to turn opportunities into profit.

The whole process from strategy through to execution is handled in-house so you never need to worry about any element of what we do falling below our own very high standards. Engage with Howard to supercharge your growth.


  • Lead Generation
  • Linkedin Sales Navigator
  • Prospect data
  • CRM 
  • Telemarketing
  • Growth Strategy
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