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Retail Accelerator Programme

The Retail Accelerator programme has been devised to assess and identify both quick-wins and longer-term opportunities that can provide a much-needed 'shot in the arm' to retail owners, along with a clear action plan to ensure that they can both protect, and increase, profitability.

The Retail Accelerator programme utilises input from one of the most well-known and well respected retail consultants, and is rooted on the tried, tested, and proven '10-Steps to Success' methodology. The Retail Accelerator will enable business owners, who are all too often too close to the issues to really can step away and look at what needs to be done, from the outside in, to benefit from a proven, structured approach to change. The programme is based on a simple six stage approach that is completed entirely within just a matter of days.

Retail Accelerator Programme: Six Part Process

The Retail Accelerator is based on a 6-part process to ensure a high quality and consistent approach, no matter which of the team is assigned to working with you.

Part 1: The Retail Accelerator Questionnaire

You will be asked to complete an extensive online questionnaire that will require you to make a veyr honest assessment about all aspects of your business. Questions will be based on the 10-Steps to Retail Success methodology.

Part 2: Rapid Feedback & Action Plan

Your assigned retail consultant will complete a thorough review of your responses in preparation for your 121 visit. For physical retailers this will be to your store(s). For online-online retailers this can be to a meeting location of your choice.

Part 3: The Business Premises / Store Visit 

Your retail consultant will conduct a carefully tailored 2-hour visit to discuss the issues identified by the responses to your questionnaire. The meeting will allow you to explore areas of greatest concern with your consultant and to discuss anything that may not have been captured in your questionaire responses.

Part 4: The Recommendations Report

You will receive a comprehensive written report based on the 10-steps to retail success 'action plan'. This will include both recommendations for immediate actions / quick wins to help improve business and financial performance. It will also include suggestions for longer-term business improvement / growth opportunities. This report will be provided, via email, within 2 working days of the visit.

Part 5: The Clarification Call 

Your retail consultant will arrange a 1-hour phone / skype call to review their recommendations with you and to ensure that any questions you may have are answered.

Part 6: The 4-Week Active Follow Up

After 4 weeks, ou will have the opportunity for a further call with your retail consultant, to update on progress and to discuss how you might want to approach longer-term actions.

Once the quick-wins have added value to the business it is typical for clients to then embark on a 6-month retail coaching / mentoring programme to progress with their longer-term goals. You can see more about this option via: Retail Coaching / Mentoring programmes

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