Retail expert consulting services

Which ever level of engagement you chose from the options below, you can rest assured that when you have The Retail Champion team working with you on your business you can look forward to developing robust and repeatable processes and systems that will enable you to develop a scalable, saleable and profitable retail business!
Click on the link at the end of each part below to find out more, or to enquire about the service level most appropriate for you.

FREE Retail Tips

If you want to improve your retail business then 52 FREE weekly retail tips, delivered straight to your inbox, might be the answer.
The retail tips follow the 10 Steps to Retail Success methodology, giving you the opportunity to be a real retail champion within a year. Sign up for 52 FREE weekly retail tips!

10 Steps To Retail Success

Buy a copy of Clare's highly acclaimed and best-selling book, 'The Retail Champion - 10 Steps to Retail Success' - the ultimate guide to becoming a real retail champion.
Containing everything you need to know about retail, 10 Steps to Retail Success is invaluable for both start-ups and experienced retailers and has received consistently positive reviews. Buy a signed copy of 10-steps to Retail Success now!

Retail Accelerator Programme

If you are looking for quick-wins, a 'shot in the arm', and a genuine fast-track to retail success, then the retail accelerator is the perfect solution.
Aligned to the proven '10 Steps to Retail Success' methodology, the retail accelerator includes a detailed self-appraisal followed by and an intensive, in-person, on-site consultation. The output is a list of recommendations, detailing immediate opportunities / quick wins and longer-term devleopment suggestions. Book your Retail Accelerator programme today!

Retail Coaching / Mentoring

For the ultimate in retail business support, Clare's exclusive retail coaching / mentoring programmes are ideal for rapid retail business improvement.
Not for the faint-hearted, Clare's drive and enthusiasm are experienced first-hand with her 1-2-1 retail coaching / mentoring sessions, alongside insights, knowledge and techniques from her lifetime of retail knowledge. Enquire about retail coaching / mentoring...

Retail Consulting

For one-off projects, including those for international companies, franchises and chains, Clare offers more traditional business consulting services. She specialises in the core commercial aspects of range planning, merchandising planning and supply chain planning, approaching projects with clarity gleaned from deep, detailed analytics.
If your business needs the UK's best retail business consulting services, Clare should be your first choice. Enquire about retail consulting...

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