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Zana Busby - Business and Consumer Psychologist

With an MSc in Business Psychology, a background in mental and emotional health, practical experience, and a curious mind, Zana specialises in consumer behaviour, leadership coaching, and workplace wellbeing. She is the founder of ZANA. B psychological studio and a certified member of The Association for Business Psychology.

Skilled at providing psychology-based solutions that are proven to work, Zana has been working with diverse clients helping them excel in all aspects of life, be it professional or personal.

Human interactions are key for businesses. Happy employees mean happy customers. Zana uses evidence-based methods to help you understand both your customers and employees, their needs, likes, and expectations making it easier for you as a leader or business owner to inspire them and help them thrive at work.

Drawing upon her deep knowledge of human psychology, Zana provides businesses with essential insights into customer minds and behaviour, cultivating authentic connections and ensuring enduring brand success. Her approach, grounded in cognitive behavioural science, explores emotions, motivation, customer experience, gender dynamics, loyalty, and cognitive biases shaping consumer behaviour.

With over 25 years of experience, Zana is an engaging speaker at global conferences, seminars, and industry events. She covers a range of topics from consumer psychology to brand success strategies, employee wellbeing, and leadership performance, sharing valuable knowledge relevant to all audiences.

She has been on BBC radio, appeared as a psychologist on TV, and featured in magazines and newspapers.

Zana works with clients in the consumer and retail industry regardless of business size or location. Her expertise includes:

  • Consumer behaviour
  • Customer-centric psychological consulting
  • B2C relationship management
  • Leadership & Management coaching
  • Emotional intelligence and mental resilience
  • Personality profiling for teamwork and leadership
  • Employee happiness and engagement
  • Wellbeing support with therapeutic coaching
  • Bespoke workshops
  • Keynotes and panel discussions.
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