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Rob Colbert - Finance and Business Improvement Consultant

Rob is our go-to Consultant for data and numbers. Rob's previous role as an HMRC VAT inspector perfectly places him to support businesses with their data management and analysis. He is adept at setting up accounting packages and in helping small businesses stay on top of their data and financial information. Crucially, Rob can use his experience to help analyse reports and to make data-driven recommendations.

In addition, he has honed his love of data and analytics to understand website analytics and SEO performance, again, using his expertise to intrepret the data into meaningful action plans. 

Having amassed almost 23 years of experiene in the field of education, Rob will always be able to make your data accessible, guiding you through data collation, analysis and interpretation, leading to sound business decisions.

As a consultant with the Retail Champion, Rob has completed a deep-dive in optimising sales channels, understandinf the algorithms ad data that drive sales on each platform. Rob can support businesses in launching new online sales channels and review existing sales channels to optimise performance.

Rob’s Expertise:

  • Website Analytics
  • Accounting Systems
  • Data Management
  • Sales Channels Management - Ebay
  • Sales Channels Management - Amazon
  • Amazon
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