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Laura Foulds Moody - Creative Media, Photography and Videography expert

Laura Foulds Moody, a distinguished Creative Media Professional, shines with a decade-long commitment to capturing life's moments through photography and videography. 

Armed with a First-Class Honours degree in Media Production from Nottingham Trent University, Laura's expertise has garnered her prestigious accolades like the AONB Diamond Landscapes Photography Award in 2019. Since 2010, Laura has thrived as a freelance Photographer and Videographer, catering to esteemed clients such as the National Trust and Derby Arts Council. Her portfolio, diverse and dynamic, reflects her versatility and mastery in various subjects and environments.

Concurrently, Laura shares her wealth of knowledge as a Media and Journalism Senior Technician at Nottingham Trent University, mentoring and guiding aspiring media professionals through workshops, technical support, and online content management, thereby nurturing the future of the industry.

Areas of expertise:

  • Extensive background in technical and academic teaching positions at both postgraduate and undergraduate levels
  • Creative Content Producer with a knack for crafting engaging multimedia
  • Proficiency in the Adobe Suite for seamless content creation and editing
  • Skilled in digital engagement strategies to connect with diverse audiences and drive interaction
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