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Personal Branding is the process of establishing and promoting yourself as a distinct and unique entity, crafting a reputation that aligns with your individual values and goals, to enhance your professional opportunities whilst creating a memorable impression among your audience, potential clients, suppliers etc.

Programme Options:

  • Guiding Light (Telephone and email support)
  • Life-Access (As 1. With access to all areas)
  • Self-Invest (As 2. with Workshops)

Content Overview:

The programme offers both immediate tactical advantages and long-term strategic benefits, by helping you to:

  • Present yourself effectively in work environments
  • Understand the influence of perception Identify aspects of your persona that require attention and growth
  • Enhance mental and physical activities for better cognitive response Acquire skills to leverage subtle details when needed
  • Create a comprehensive understanding of your environment for strategic decision-making
  • Utilise NLP and TA techniques to understand and influence others
  • Visualise a cohesive path towards your long-term goals
  • Cultivate unwavering confidence in your newfound abilities to drive success

By embracing a simple yet effective process (and having faith in its effectiveness), individuals can transition from a state of low self-esteem and social anxiety to a mental state that rivals that of top performers. The process consists of three stages:

  • Analysing the environment
  • Making strategic and tactical choices
  • Implementing focused action

Reasons to Enrol in the Programme:

  • You have recently started working and would like to speed progression
  • You are actively in work and are looking to achieve specific goals and ambitions
  • You have low self-esteem or suffer anxiety that affects life and/or work
  • You require guidance to get through a troubled situation


Some of the techniques and approaches taught in this programme, especially NLP and TA techniques, have been used and are proven for over three decades by what are considered the high fliers of our society to get ahead. Despite the approaches being within the law and mostly used for totally useful and righteous reasons, these approaches have, and could, be construed as highly manipulative and morally questionable. Before joining the programme, an interview is required along with a written consent form agreeing with the terms of the programme.

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