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Our team offers marketing mentoring to provide guidance and support. We assist with various aspects such as brand development, campaign planning, and digital marketing techniques. Through workshops and coaching, we empower your team to improve their marketing skills and achieve better results.

Why choose to work with a Marketing Mentor?

There are a number of reasons why you might choose to work with a marketing mentor, including helping with:

  • Career growth

  • Personal development

  • Business success

The 1:1 Mentoring aims to provide a personal experience focusing on the needs and objectives of our customers, ensuring that each one is fully understood by everyone involved, that they are planned for, and finally that each objective is achieved.

Whether you are starting out for the first time, or have a well-established business, our 1:1 sessions are designed to help you and your colleagues make sense of how different marketing tools and approaches can make a significant difference to the success of your business.

Our Mentoring is run by CIM-approved Mentors who will work around your life commitments.

Why Marketing Mentoring Works:

  • Studies show that professionals who work with a mentor are statistically proven to earn more than 75% of executives interviewed, said that mentoring had played a key role in their careers

  • You will receive independent advice relating to your goal expectations and business plans, from an experienced person who is not emotionally connected to your business or its competitors

  • Mentoring will help to develop the capabilities and skills that are needed to succeed in a dynamic economy

  • It will also help you to identify your individual strengths and find the best way to use these strengths in your business.

Benefits for Business Owners

A large majority of our mentoring clients are independent businesses that have the ambition to increase profits and grow their businesses. Our coaching and mentoring programmes fill the gaps to help your business to thrive, by:

  • Keeping you on track, focusing your time on the value-adding activities that will move you towards achieving your long-term business objectives
  • Sharing knowledge and helping you to develop realistic strategies that will help you to increase your profits, customer base, revenue streams and channels to market
  • Acting as a sounding board for any ideas you have, providing you with feedback and validation from a third party.
  • This will boost your confidence when making choices.

Marketing Deep Dives

For businesses that are looking to get right into the core of their business, we also offer our Marketing Deep Dive Programmes. These are workshops that are designed to offer extra support to business owners, by mixing educational and consulting content. Modules enable attendees to review their business activities, ensuring that it remains relevant and aligned with what your customers need and want. Each session can be completed as a stand-alone or alongside our 1:1 Mentoring.


Sessions (Duration: 2 hours) Description
The Marketing Environment Assess what factors could affect your business and/or sales performance now and/or in the future.

Marketing Research

Identify the key insight your need to ensure success, and develop a research project to be undertaken by The Retail Champion.
Mission, Goals & Objectives Know your purpose, and get clarity on your business director to enable team focus.
Customer Identification Know who could buy from you and why, and select your target customer market.
Product / Service Strategy Understand the impact of the need on the products/services that you could sell.
Brand Identity & Positioning How to stand out from the crowd, review competitive advantage over the market, and position to win.
Effective Personal Sales Learn simple techniques to ensure you sell more effectively in the shop, showroom, in meetings, or at key events.
Digital Marketing Success Select and integrate digital marketing methods to attract more sales.
Attracting Customers & Ensuring Customer Loyalty Identify the right mix of methods to attract your target customer. Foster customers from retention to advocacy.
The Business Plan and "Killer: Pitch Learn the fundamental ingredients that make up the business plan, and appreciate the art of pitching the business to stakeholders.


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