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Investing in Personal Marketing is probably one of the surest ways to improve progression both in work and in one’s private life. To some people, it is an art practiced by dodgy politicians, but to Marketers, it’s a powerful force that anyone can be harnessed to significant effect.

Synergy, Transformation and Focus

Personal Marketing is not only a collection of synergistic activities & behaviours, it is also a state of mind in that the person involved in the exercise, needs to understand, appreciate and believe, that the combined effect of these standalone items, an insatiable focus and thirst for change, can deliver transformational life events.

Programme Options

  • Guiding-Light (Telephone and email support)
  • Life-Access (As 1. With access to all areas)
  • Self-Invest (As 2. with Workshops)

Content Overview

The programme provides a complete short-term tactical advantage and long-term strategy. The programme develops to include a full strategic architecture around your goals and ambitions:

  • How to present the desired self at work environments
  • Understand the role of Perception Power
  • Aspects of your persona that need focus and nurturing
  • How to improve mind response through physical and mental activity
  • Skills allowing subtle details to be registered and used when required
  • How to form a picture of your environment to enable tactical movements
  • NLP and TA approaches to read and manipulate people around you
  • How to visualise a common thread to achieve your longerterm objectives
  • Develop a ruthless thirst for success by believing in your newfound abilities

Following a straightforward process (and believing in the process), anyone can move from a place of low self-esteem and anxiety around people, to a mental position that is on par with the very best performers. Process 3 stages:  Analyse Environment  – Strategic and Tactical Choice – Focused Implementation

Reasons to enrol on the programme:

  • Starting out in work and would like to speed progression
  • In work and looking to achieve goals and ambitions
  • Feeling lowesteem or suffer anxiety that affects life and/or work
  • Require guidance to get through a troubled situation


Some of the techniques and approaches taught in this programme, especially NLP and TA techniques, have been used and are proven for over three decades by what are considered the high fliers of our society to get ahead. Despite the approaches being within the law and mostly used for totally useful and righteous reasons, these approaches have, and could, be construed as highly manipulative and morally questionable. Before joining the programme, an interview is required along a written consent form agreeing with the terms of the programme.

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