Clare Rayner, The Retail Champion

Clare Rayner, The Retail Champion

Clare Rayner, The Retail Champion, is a business owner, consumer champion, high street campaigner and micro business backer. She is also a published author, much sought-after professional speaker and regular contributor to a wide variety of broadcast and print media. She has strong ethics and clear values, caring deeply about quality, reputation, credibility and integrity.

Clare's brand portfolio includes The Retail Champion, The Retail Conference, the Support for Independent Retail campaign and its associated events and activities, and the Future High Street Summit. Through her business activities, she has also been involved with bira, Enterprise Rockers, and FSB.

A best-selling author, Clare wrote 'The Retail Champion: 10 Steps to Retail Success', published by Kogan Page in July 2012. This was shortly followed by 'How to Sell to Retail: The Secrets of Getting Your Product to Market' in February 2013.

Clare's expertise has led to her becoming a popular and highly respected speaker and media commentator, sharing her knowledge on a wide range of retail and consumer topics. She is frequently invited to join the ITV Good Morning Britain, BBC, Sky, and Channel 5 News, as well as several radio broadcasts to offer advice and ideas for retailers.

As The Retail Champion, Clare is engaged as a retail consultant, professional speaker, business coach and business mentor. She helps business owners to develop robust and repeatable business processes and systems to enable their companies to become saleable, scalable businesses.

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